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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #124…Recycle…

Last August Cedar City put out some recycling bins in several locations to make it easier for the residents of Cedar City to recycle.  Unlike many areas, we do not have curbside recycling.  What is amazing is the article in the Cedar City Weekly, Iron County Today, stating that the city is currently collecting at 45,000 pounds of recyclable products each month!

That has saved over 200,000 pounds of trash going into our landfill just since August!  I know that may not seem like much to a big city, but to Cedar City, that is a lot.  There are several locations where the City has placed these recycling bins:

Smiths Food King, 633 South Main in Cedar City.

Cedar Middle School, 2115 West Royal Hunte Drive Cedar City.

Frontier Homestead State Park, 635 North Main Street Cedar City.

Home Depot, 1518 Providence Center Ave, Cedar City.

Southern Utah University, 351 W University Ave, Cedar City.

Canyon View Middle School, 1865 North Main Street, Cedar City.

This is a movement that just makes sense, let’s recycle what we can and make our natural resources last a little longer while contributing less to our landfills!



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