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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #138…Take a Drive…

This may become a recurring theme every so often on this series of blogs.  Today I am going to use a picture to highlight the benefits of driving on SR 18 from St. George To Beryl Junction.  This is a nice drive with mountains and some wide open spaces to enjoy while traveling.


SR 18 Brookside

This photo was taken after getting off the road in the community of Brookside.  This is a Mountain road and even though it originates in St. George, weather can have a big effect of driving conditions.  This is a nice drive that takes a little over a couple of hours to do from Cedar City, but there are many places to see along the way, some of which will be subjects of future posts.

As I said, this is a nice, fun drive.  It is filled with a variety of scenic places to look at.  Darcy and I had to take some photos in Brookside for Circlepix, then we had to get back to finish our move last week when we were making this drive, so we rushed it.  If you take your time, it is a fun drive!


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