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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #152…Enjoy Whatever Mother Nature gives you….

We were in Phoenix for a couple of days and enjoyed fantastic weather!  This time of year I can see why so many people live there.  If I were to be there in another month or so, I am not sure that I would say the same thing!  We returned to beautiful Cedar City to several inches of snow.

It is Sunday this morning, so I say just go with it and enjoy it!  April is generally one of the more volatile weather months of the year.  So the old axiom of expected the unexpected really does apply.  We can have 80 degree weather one day and a snow storm blow in the next!  The good thing is that the snow really seldom lasts, and it makes some spectacular photos.

It was still cold this morning, so I just took these from our backyard rather than go through the trouble of bundling up or warming up the car.  The sun is out now, so the snow should be gone in a couple of hours.  Here is what I saw from and in my backyard earlier today.  Like I mentioned earlier, just relax and enjoy it, it is going to change soon enough!

Snowy Sunday Morning
Snowy Sunday II
Another Snowy Morning Shot


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