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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #186…Eat some Barbecue…..

Yesterday, Darcy and I tried eating at Sonny Boys, our barbecue restaurant in Cedar City.  We were not disappointed in the least!  The food was excellent, and the portion sizes were very nice.  We each got the 1 item plate, and felt like we would have to be rolled out we were so full!  We sort of chickened out, we both love barbecued brisket, so instead of one of us being daring with the main meat, we each had the brisket.  It was fork tender and extremely flavorful!

At least we didn’t get the same sides, so we had some variety there.  The macaroni and cheese is assembled while you watch, the cheese sauce and shredded cheese are added to cooked noodles and mixed together.  The coleslaw and potato salad are also excellent, but the side that surprised me the most was the fried cauliflower.  That was downright delicious and fun!  You order cafeteria style, and they bus your table when you’re done.  When you’re here for the Shakespeare Festival, give it a try!  If you come to compete in the Utah Summer Games, wait until after your event to try it, it is that much food!




Sonny Boy's BBQ

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