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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #200…Tour the Monuments….

It is the Sunday before Memorial Day.  One great thing to do today is to tour the monuments at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Cedar City.  It is located at the top of 200 North at the intersection of 200 East.  There are monument to those that served from every war since World War I.  Darcy I and I toured them yesterday, it was a humbling experience.  I am thankful for those who have served our Country!  I may not have enough words in my vocabulary to tell them just how grateful I am, and even a heartfelt Thank You seems woefully inadequate!

Here are the monuments:


The World War I Memorial

This monument is the Eastern Most Monument I am going to put the monuments in the order from the Eastern end to the other end around the corner and North.


The Vietnam Memorial


The World War II Memorial


The Korean War Memorial


The War on Terror Memorial

This is a great park to visit there are benches to sit an reflect on the names of those who have served.  Several of the memorials have allowed Veterans and their families to purchase paving stones with the soldiers name and rank on them and place them in the walk way as an added memorial to their service.  It is a peaceful setting with the Little League Baseball fields in the background, on the other side of Coal Creek, sort of an instant reminder of why these soldiers sacrificed and served!  Thank you!

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