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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #241…Wildflower Festival….

It is the “monsoon season” in Southern Utah, that means we get a flow of humid warm air in the upper atmosphere.  Our humidity readings go from the 20% to the 70 and 80% levels and we have a lot of thunder storms.  Typically this will drop our temperature into the 80 from the 90’s so there are trade offs.  The nice thing about have thunderstorms is that it cleans the air out!  There is nothing like the fragrance of pine, cedar and sage!  That being said it is a wonderful time to go up and see the Wildflower Festival in Cedar Breaks National Monument.

I know that this has been on my posts  since Friday, but today is the last day, so it would be a great day to get up there and see them.  Our schedule has been such and today is no exception, that we aren’t going to make it up there, but the wildflowers should  be brightly colored with all the rain.  That is the one thing to remember, with rain the temperatures at that elevation can get quite cold, especially compared to the heat in the valleys.  So if you’re going, plan accordingly!  For more information; http://www.nps.gov/cebr


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