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365 Things to do Around Cedar City #25…Go To Church….

Many people naturally assume that everyone in Utah is a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or the Mormon Church.  That isn’t true, here in Cedar City as well as in Iron County, we enjoy a great variety of Churches.  There is a Congregation for most anyone that is looking for one.

I am going to highlight at least one if not a couple of different Denominations with each blog.  Today I have chosen to begin with the Christ The King Catholic Church.

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Christ the King Catholic Church is located in the Wildflower Subdivision on Leigh Hill.  It is near the new City Reservoir and the new aquatic center.

Another Church is the St. Judes Episcopal Church. It is located on 200 West near downtown Cedar City.

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St. Judes is the same Church that William Shakespeare attended in England.

Obviously, this isn’t the same building that William Shakespeare attended!

The point of these post is to highlight the wonderful, diversity that makes us a great community.  An interesting fact about the St. Judes Building, for many years they shared the building with the Catholic Church here in Cedar City.

As you can see by the Christ the King Building, they have built a beautiful new building, with plenty of room for their congregation.

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