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365 Things to do Around Cedar City #31…Hit the Gym….

I have been giving you a lot of restaurants in Cedar City, I probably should give you a place to get into shape or at least work off all that restaurant food.  One of the great gyms that we have in Cedar City is a Golds Gym.  I know, it is a world wide franchise, but this one is in Cedar City, so it counts!

Golds Gym offers all of the fitness classes, weight training, aerobics, bicycles, spinning, you name it, it has it.  It also has personal trainers that you can hire, baby sitting while you work out, locker rooms etc.  Like a lot of people I had a membership to Golds Gym, and like a lot of people I only used it once or twice.  I will say this, it is a great gym if you’re motivated to go!


Golds Gym is located at: 1605 West Regency Road, next to Wingers.  Phone (435) 867-5077


Golds Gym

Golds Entrance

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