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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #338…Tuesday’s Colors…..

Today is another day with a calendar filled with things that I have already written about several times.  I spent the afternoon driving up on the Mountain taking a few pictures of the fall foliage.  That was actually a lot of fun!  I would recommend that you go through Parowan up Hwy 143, Hwy 14 from Cedar City has had a rock slide and is closed 5 miles up the canyon.  Milt’s and Rusty’s are still open, but you can’t go much past Milt’s, although with their food why would you want to?

Anyway here are some of my pictures today, I wasn’t able to drive the car real close to the colors, the road that I was on was too rough, that is why I am recommending taking Hwy 143, it’s paved!


Fall Foliage


More Fall Foliage


One more Fall Foliage Shot

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