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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #38…Tinks Auto Parts….

It’s Saturday and the weekend mechanics are just getting there hands greasy!  Everyone that works on cars, whether it is just changing your oil, or doing full on overhauls needs to have a parts store like Tinks.  They have every tool and part you can possibly imagine!  I also shop at Autozone and the other stores, but you need to have a place like Tinks, otherwise you could be waiting for parts instead of driving that ride down the road.

My brother in law own a 1973 GMC 3/4 ton pickup.  Someone stole his tail light lenses while he had it parked at the repair shop.  He was wondering how much they cost and where to begin looking for them.  Tinks had several of them in the store, everyone else had to order them in.  This is the kind of parts store, that you just end up going back to again and again, because they have the parts that you need.

The Link To Tinks Web Site:



Tinks Superior Auto Parts

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