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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #44…Brad’s Food Hut….

Brad’s Food Hut is another of the Great Drive Ins in Cedar City.  It is not your “corporate” hamburger.  The food is fun as is the atmosphere!  This is one of the places that the locals hang out!  The Pastrami Burger is my personal favorite, although I have heard that the Vanilla Pepsi is also very good!

Brad’s is located at 546 North Main Street in Cedar City.


Brad's Food Hut

2 Responses to 365 Things to Do Around Cedar City #44…Brad’s Food Hut….

  • tim says:

    Me and my wife stopped in on the way to brianhead resort. And we both got food poisoning I’m sure it was the chicken fingers as we both ate those. I wouldent recommend stopping in there. 😡

  • tcannon says:

    Tim, I don’t blame you for not being able to recommend Brad’s! I wouldn’t either! We haven’t had that problem, but I know that things like that happen. Several years ago, Darcy got food poisoning from the Hard Rock Cafe when we were in Hawaii. So we know that it happens! I am very sorry that happened to you and your wife!

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