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365 Things To Do Around Cedar City #6..Parowan Gap Petroglyphs..

Today’s thing to do is North of Cedar City some 20 miles, in the Western Edge of the Parowan Gap.  The Parowan Gap is accessable several ways.  The two easiest are to go North on Interstate 15 from Cedar City, take Exit 78 and turn right to go into Parowan.  You are on Main Street, proceed to 400 North and turn right, stay on this road, it turns into the Parowan Gap road.  This road winds it’s way through farms and you wind up entering the mountain pass, otherwise known as the Parowan Gap, proceed through the Gap almost to the end, the petroglyphs are on the right side just as you are about to exit the Parowan Gap.

The other way from Cedar City is to go North on Main Street, once you leave Cedar City it becomes State Route 130 or Minersville Highway.  Proceed through Enoch to just past Mile Marker 19 and turn right on the Parowan Gap Road.  Proceed towards the mountains to the East, the Petroglyphs are on your left as you enter the mountain range.

Here are some photos:


Parowan Gap Petroglyphs


Another Picture of the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs


Another View of the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs


One More View of the Petroglyphs at the Parowan Gap

Scientists now think that the Parowan Gap area was some sort of observatory  for the Ancient Inhabitants of the area.  They have found rock cairns (piles) at different locations East of the Petroglyphs that when stood upon on certain days of the year the setting sun will shine through the mouth of the face on the cliff that is on the other side of the road from the pectroglyphs.  This occurs on the soltices, as I understand it.  I am not an expert on astronomy, nor the Ancient Inhabitants of the area, to me it is just an interesting place to visit.

Here is a photo of the Rock Face from the petroglyphs:


Rock Face in the Parowan Gap

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