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365 Things to Do Around Cedar City…#87…Pizza for the Superbowl…

One of the main reasons for this series of posts is to show what we have available as well as things to do around Cedar City.  We are lucky in one aspect, the large part of our economy is made up from tourism.  That means that we have a good selections of restaurants, many that are readily familiar to everyone.  Today’s post, in honor of the Superbowl, is Dominos Pizza.

It is hard to envision the Superbowl without Pizza!  So this post and a couple of the earlier posts will help you plan your Superbowl viewing event!

Our Dominos is similar to everyone’s, it offers the usual specials, take out or delivery!

The Dominos Pizza in Cedar City is located at 588 South Main Street, Cedar City.  The phone number is (435) 586-0600




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