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365 Things to do Around Cedar City#8….Road Trip…..

There are many great things to do around Cedar City, but Cedar City is very close to many other places that are fun to visit and beautiful to see.  Today, bear in mind that these photos were taken prior to last weeks snow storm on the Mountain.  So to see things as they are in these photos, you may have to wait until Spring or early Summer.

This trek is going East on State Road 14, which is Center Street in Cedar City.  State Road 14 is a Mountain Road, so if travelling it between late Fall and late Spring, make sure to check road conditions.  It can snow anytime during these months at that elevation!   Also be aware that State Road 14 is NOT plowed after dark!

Okay, enough dramatics and on to the photos:


Zions Park Overlook SR 14


Another View From The Zions Park Overlook


View From the Zions Park Overlook

The overlook for Zions Park is near Mile Post 14 on State Road 14.


High Mountain Valley


Another Shot of the High Mountain Valley on State Road 14

The photos were all taken along State Road 14 before you arrive at the Village of Duck Creek which is less than 40 miles East of Cedar City.

This is a great trip to take a lunch, stop and do some hiking, I didn’t include photos of the fishing spots, like Navajo Lake, the Kids Pond, or the Aspen Lakes near Duck Creek Village.  I was saving those for a future post.

It is getting in the time of year when snowmobiles race across these meadows atop several feet of snow.  As I mentioned, these photos were taken at different times, but during the early and late Summer.  It gives one  a glimpse into the tremendous beauty that is really near Cedar City.

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