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American Southwest Classic Film Festival…..

Save a spot on your calendar for The American Southwest Classic Film Festival in Cedar City, Utah.  This event will be Thursday October 4th.  This is a festival celebrating Cedar City’s involvement in the film industry.  The aim of this festival is to showcase the movies that were filmed in and around Cedar City.

This will be held at the Heritage Center at 7 PM.  This year we have a special treat, not only are we going to see the Classic Alan Ladd movie, “The Proud Rebel”, which also starred Olivia de Haviland.  David Ladd, Alan’s son and co-star, will attend this event.  He will talk about his memories of filming and staying in Cedar City at the time.

There are a couple of price points, for $10 you can watch the film.  The number of the $25 Premier Passes will be limited.  The premier pass holders will not only view the film but will be able to attend the Gala Celebration afterwards at the Depot Grill and be able to meet David Ladd.  Other attendees will include Doug Wright, of KSL’s “The Movie Show” and James D’Arc, author of the book, “When Hollywood Came to Town.”

This is planned as an annual event, so let’s show our support so that we can have this for many years to come.  This is a great opportunity to see a great film and relive some great times!  For tickets and more information: www.cedarcity.org


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