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Things to Do Around Cedar City #96…Valentine’s Day….

This is sort of a you pick what you wish to do today with your loved one.  I have highlighted some of our Bed & Breakfast Establishments, Bard’s Inn, The Big Yellow Inn, Cherished Memories, I have also highlighted some of our most romantic Restaurants, The Garden House, Milts and Rusty’s Ranch House.  There is probably something big going on at Toadz, if not there is a nice atmosphere that could be romantic.

I know what I have planned with Darcy, your plans are up to you, there are hotels if the B & B’s are booked, there is also skiing in Brian Head.  There is really a lot for you to do, you can even capitalize on a great sunset!


Milts Steaks and Seafood


Rusty's Ranch House


Cedar City Sunset

It really is up to you!

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