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365 Things to do Around Cedar City #4…Read a Book….

If you’re into reading, we have a great thing for you to do in Cedar City.  Go to the library. Here in Cedar City we have a fairly new library.  It was built about 5 years ago, and is a beautiful building.  The location is both centralized and very beautiful.

Inside they have rooms that you can close up to have privacy to study or even hold a small meeting.  I took photos from the side away from the entrance, that way, I didn’t photograph people coming or going.

There is also a great selection of Newspapers, Magazines and of course, books.  When the weather is nice, you can take a nice stroll in the Main Street Park, and then relax inside the library which is located in the Northeast corner of the park.

The Address is 303 North 100 East, Cedar City, Utah.



Library In the Park

These photos were taken yesterday evening before the snow came.


Another Look at the Library in the Park, Cedar City, Utah

As you can see there are great windows for a lot of natural light.  In addition to comfortable chairs in a reading area, tables to spread out upon, they also offer Internet connections.

I have not checked into whether there is a charge to hook up to the Internet.  It is a beautiful building and a great addition to our community!

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