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Thanks to Those Who Rendered Assistance…..

Many places in the country the “Big Box” stores have a terrible reputation.  Here in Cedar City we are glad to have a “Big Box” store that has a heart.  We have been having some torrential cloud bursts in the past few weeks, a couple of them have resulted in some serious flash flooding.  This has resulted in several homeowners literally being underwater in their basements.

Because our typical flood season is during the Spring snow melt, we don’t often have a surplus of sandbags to help residents block the water from entering their homes.  This past week we experienced a severe storm a couple of dozen homes were flooded.  There were hundreds of people from the community who came to the aide of these homeowners.  These volunteers were filling and dispersing sand bags, and helping clean out the water from homes.

I have done both of these tasks more often than I ever really want to do again, it is not fun work, yet hundreds of people showed up to assist!  This week Home Depot called the local Emergency Dispatch Center to let them know that there were hundreds of sand bags available at Home Depot, folks just have to go over and pick them up!  This may come in handy, we are still under a flash flood warning with the storm system that is still in the area.

From one resident, although not directly impacted from the floods, I say a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has and continues to volunteer their efforts!!!  It does a lot to restore my faith in human nature!


Storm Clouds on the Mountain

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