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Solar Eclipse

As many of the astronomers know, this Sunday there is going to be a solar eclipse.  The place to be to see this natural wonder is none other than Kanarraville, Utah.  It has been said that Kanarraville is the best place to view the eclipse.  The small town of Kanarraville is excited about being the epicenter of such an event.  There are estimates of up to 40,000 people expected to show up in Kanarraville to see the eclipse.

The solar eclipse is expected to take place from approximately 6:30 to nearly 8:40 PM Sunday evening.  There has been a 5 acre field that the City has designated to view the eclipse from.  It is just south of town along old Highway 91.  I have seen a couple of solar eclipses in my lifetime, so I am not sure if I am willing to brave the crowds to try to get a better view of it.  I will say this much, we live less than 20 miles north of than this site, so I may just check it out from the back yard!

If you do decide to come to enjoy the phenomena, please respect private property rights.  The prime viewing area is in line with several ranches with pasture ground holding livestock.  These areas will most likely remain no trespassing zones, and you should respect the rights of the landowners.


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