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Along with Summer also comes Fire Season….

It is officially Summer, school is out, so that makes it officially Summer.  It is a great time to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery around Cedar City.  We would ask that you take extra care while you are in the back country.  If you have watched the news at all, you know that it is fire season.  Not only is it fire season, it is one of the worst conditions for fires that we have had in a number of years.

We have enjoyed an over abundance of snow in the two winters preceding this past winter.  The snow pack this past winter was way low combine that with a very dry, windy spring and we have a lot of dried out new growth.  It other words kindling for a potentially huge fire.

We want you to come and experience the beauty of Southern Utah, but please be careful.  Campfires are not completely out until they are cold to the touch.  If you smoke, please do not throw your cigarette buts out onto the ground, use your ashtray in your vehicle.  If you are coming to camp with a trailer, take care that your safety chains don’t touch the ground causing sparks as you go down the road.  One thing that many people don’t consider is driving an ATV or 4 wheel drive through tall dry grass, exhaust systems on vehicles do get hot enough to start this dried grass on fire.

A wildfire is expensive, damaging and at times deadly.  We experienced the deadly side of forest fires here just over 1 week ago when a plane carrying fire retardant crashed killing both the pilot and co pilot.  This is a terrible tragedy!  It is one that can be prevented in most cases by taking a little extra care when you are out enjoying the great outdoors.


The Mountains east of Cedar City

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