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Tonight: Tip a Cop

Tonight at the Pizza Factory Police Officers will be your waiters.  The reason that we’re writing about this and why they are doing it isn’t to make nice with the community.  It is to earn tips to help fund Christmas for needy children.  That’s right all of the tips paid to the Wait Staff (Police Officers, EMS Staff and Firemen), will go to buy Christmas presents for youngsters that may not otherwise have presents on Christmas Day. Some of the participating restaurants will donate part of their profits to this cause.

Tonight this will take place from 6 to 10 PM, so go and enjoy some great pizza and pasta, tip generously and you have helped a child have a Christmas.  There are other nights and restaurants to participate in this program.  The fun thing about this is that on the day when the children participate with the Police Officers is called Shop with a Cop.

The Police, EMS and Fire Departments pick the children up early on a specified Saturday and takes them to Walmart to buy what the children want.  Walmart will then wrap the presents for the children.  The children are then treated to a breakfast with the officers, EMS and firemen.  When they are going to and from it is a slow moving parade with the lights and sirens blasting.  The children have a great time!

This is a wonderful cause, so go to the Pizza Factory tonight and support it!  If you can’t go tonight, watch for other Tip a Cop nights at other restaurants and go to then.  I imagine that if you just want to donate, you can contact the Police Department during business hours and request to make a donation.


The Pizza Factory, Cedar City, Utah.

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