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Cedar City Localism Post…Concert….

I will admit I am not a fan of American Idol.  I know that I may be one of the few peoplein the United States that is not, but I am okay with it.  I did sort of follow it when Carmen Rasmussen was on, she too attended Woods Cross High School, only many years after I graduated.I also loosely followed when David Archuleta was on because he too is from Utah.

Well, if I were a fan, I may be much more tempted to buy tickets to the David Archuleta Concert that is being held this Saturday in the Heritage Center Theatre.  The tickets are fairly reasonable because it is an intimate venue (read not huge).  The tickets are $30 and $35, and the concert is at 7:30 PM. 

It is fun to see concerts in smaller the venues, you really have a hard time finding a bad seat!  This is a great opportunity to see an up and coming star, so come on out and enjoy the David Archuleta concert this weekend!



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Thinking of Moving to Cedar City Part IV

Here the past few days we have been receiving a lot of snow.  Which brings us to another reason to want to move to Cedar City, skiing.  That’s right, skiing at Brian Head.  The great thing about skiing Brian Head is that it is so close.  Depending on road conditions, we are about 2 and ½ to 3 hours North of Las Vegas.  With Saint George about an hour away, you really can golf in the morning and ski in the afternoon!

I don’t know if that is something that would interest everyone, but I am sure that it appeals to some of you!  With all of the great powder that we have received since Thursday, it should really be prime skiing!  I am not one that is a skier, I am much more into sitting by a warm fire drinking a hot cocoa than I am in going down the slopes. 

So if you’re into skiing or snowboarding, this is a great time to come and give Brian Head a try to hit the slopes!  The scenery is spectacular and the powder is really awesome!  Just another great reason to move to Cedar City, or at least buy a condo to stay in while you’re up hitting the slopes.


Skiing at Brian Head


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Silent Sunday…Solitude…

Darcy and I were out taking photos of our new listing.  I will feature it later in another post, it is a really nice horse property.  Anyway we came across these buildings, well they were just too photogenic to pass up.  They seem to be keeping a solitary guard in the cold against the march of time!



Barn and outbuildings West of Paragonah, Utah

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Thinking of Moving to Cedar City Part III….

I have been enjoying this series of posts.  It seems to make it a lot easier to make up what to write in blogs when you have a series going.  Today I am still going to talk a little about the lifestyle here in Cedar City.  I know that I discussed some of the outdoor things that we have to offer for you to do.  Please don’t think that those are the total of things that you can do outdoors here in the Cedar City Area.

This post is going to deal with some of the other, more cultural things that living in Cedar City offers to its guests and residents alike.  We have a Tony award winning Shakespeare Festival every summer and fall.  The fun thing about the Utah Shakespeare Festival is that besides doing Shakespeare’s plays, they also have Broadway plays running at the same time.  We also host a Neil Simon Festival every summer obviously, this festival focuses on Neil Simon’s works.

We have the Orchestra of Southern Utah or the OSU, they perform often at the Heritage Center Theatre and provide the music for other productions as well as their own concerts.  Having Southern Utah University here provides many, many opportunities to visit Art Exhibits and a plethora of other outstanding cultural events.  We may not be as large as many cities, but we do offer some outstanding opportunities to enjoy the Arts! 

Just this weekend alone we have a Dance Concert and an Art exhibit, featuring the works of the Senior Students in the Fine Arts Department.  We recently hosted an Art Exhibit featuring the Art of the Soviet Union. 

To underscore our commitment to the Arts, plans are underway for a New theatre to house the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  This will be a huge project for a city the size of Cedar City, but it is crucial to making the Utah Shakespeare Festival better and viable for many years to come.


The Heritage Center where many concerts are performed

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Cedar City Localism Post….Here Comes Santa Claus…..

It is that time of year again.  There is magic in the air and the hopes of children everywhere are raised.  Here in Cedar City we too are getting into the spirit of the season Saturday, December 3rd,  with the Story Book Cavalcade held at 2:00pm down Cedar City Main Street (400 S to 200 North). Admission is FREE!, bring your own chairs, blankets and bundle up to enjoy a ‘Fantastical’ parade for children of every age. For more information call 435-817-3674.

In conjunction or after if you prefer, the Storybook Cavalcade will be  the 5th annual Merry TubaChristmas.  This will be held after the conclusion of the Storybook Cavalcade Parade, approximately 3:15pm on the Festival Hall Outdoor Stage (NW corner of the Heritage Theatre Parking Garage). Come out better yet, stay out and enjoy Tuba players playing Christmas carols outdoors. Dress warmly and come hear the sonorous sounds of the tuba family. For information, please contact Debbie at 435-559-9609 or go to www.tubachristmas.com.

We sort of got ahead of ourselves.  Before the parade, the man himself will be at the Depot Antiques & Craft Store (200 N Main St, Cedar City) from 11:00am to 2:00pm.  Everyone loves Santa Claus!  Bring the kids and tell the Big Guy what you need for Christmas and then watch the Storybook Cavalcade.


Photo from last year’s Storybook Cavalcade Parade

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Kanarraville Subdivisions…Chekshani Cliffs…Market Update…

I have mentioned many times that one great benefit of working in the Cedar City Real Estate Market is that we get to work is some great small towns.  Kanarraville is South of Cedar City about 15 miles.  It sets up near the Mountains, Cheksani Cliffs is a subdivision that is in Iron County, but it often aligned with New Harmony, which is in Washington County.  These are executive style homes on large acre plus lots.  It is set in a scenic area, near the Kolob Canyon Section of Zion National Park.

There are currently two homes listed in Cheksani Cliffs ranging from an REO at $279,900 to another listed at $455,000.  This is a subdivision that although started in the mid 1990’s, it is still being built out, in fact, there are still several very good lots for sale.  The homes are typically larger homes, with many different styles.

Market Update 12/2/2011: There is currently 1 home listed for sale in the Chekshani Cliffs Subdivision at $443,000.  In the past 12 months there have been 1 home sell, it was a foreclosure that sold for $180,000.  Chekshani Cliffs is one of the gems in the Cedar City Real Estate Market

Here are some photos:


Chekshani Cliffs home


Another Chekshani Cliffs home


Chekshani Cliffs log style home


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Cedar City Localism Post…Ten Thousand Villages…

The Community Presbyterian Church is hosting a great event.  It also sound like a great place to buy either that unusual Christmas Gift for someone or some unique home décor items.  The difference in this and other places to buy these types of things is that the items for sale come from crafts people from all over the World especially from Third World Countries.

The money from the sale of these items goes back to these crafts people to provide them income!  Is this a wonderful idea or what!!!!  This is a great way to provide money to people who really need it and help yourself at the same time!

The Villages Festival and an alternative gift market will be held from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, on Saturday December 3rd.  This will be at the Community Presbyterian Church (2279 N Wedgewood Lane, Cedar City).  So if you’re in the area, come on out and buy something!


The Community Presbyterian Church


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Thinking of Moving to Cedar City Part II…..

I started out this series with a post about working with us the C Team.  The reality is we have a great product to sell.  If one of the biggest things that today’s homebuyer is looking for is lifestyle, we have that!  We also have some of the best scenery around as well.  I will warn you that these are not recent photos, we have had one of the first major winter storms of the season last night and today, so our scenery has sort gone to the black and white, mostly white variety.

We enjoy all for seasons here in Cedar City, we are close to skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, off road riding, (several cities allow ATV’s to be ridden inside City limits).  We enjoy clean air, good schools, a new hospital and airport terminal.  The best thing is that we still have room to grow, and places where you are able to get some distance from your neighbors.  Did I mention the views?


This is an area with 20 acre parcels


A Street Scene from Equestrian Point Subdivision


Room To Grow


Did I mention that we have some pretty good sunsets?


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Thinking of Moving to Cedar City?

Is there anyone out there thinking of moving to Cedar City?  Well, you should at least think about.  Why? Some of you may ask.  Because I said so, not really, there are some really great reasons to move to Cedar City.  This is a post that I am going to visit a few more times.  I like to keep my posts short and easy to read.

One of the main reasons to move to Cedar City is the opportunity to work with us!  No, seriously, we bring nearly 20 years of Real Estate experience to the table.  Both Darcy and I were in the business prior to the “Boom” years and the subsequent Bust that followed.  Another reason to choose us,  we know the area. 

We may not have been born here, but that doesn’t mean that we, me in particular, didn’t spend a lot of time during our growing up years here.  I don’t know how many who were born here can say that they have 5 generations of their family buried in Iron County.  I know that I have 5 generations buried in the Parowan Cemetery. 

I say that not to say that is a reason to choose us as your Realtors, but to combat the thought that because we chose to live here as adults rather than living here because it is the only home that we have ever known we shouldn’t be considered as knowing the area. We also work with RE/Max Velocity Realty, the RE/Max brand is the number 1 Real Estate brand in the World, our network of agents is second to none!  That is a benefit to both buyers and sellers particularly sellers, with the RE/Max network we can put your home in front of more agents Worldwide who may have a client looking to move to beautiful Cedar City. 

We also market heavily on the Internet.  We try to get your home in as many places as possible to find a buyer for that home.  The National Association of Realtors has conducted numerous surveys which tell us that over 81% of home buyers begin their search for a new home on the internet, (included in this are buyers who are looking locally) this is why we have worked the past few years building up a network of Real Estate Agents so that we can market the home that you have for sale to their buyers all over the World!

Darcy and I also have a side business as independent contractors for Circlepix, a Real Estate Photography company.  We take a lot of pictures of homes, often times for other Realtors.  This means that we have the equipment and more importantly the know how to show your home in it’s best light.  This is so important especially for those 81% of new home buyers looking on the Internet, you want a number of high quality photos to attract buyers to your home.

Okay, enough of writing about our qualifications as Realtors for now.  There are many, many other reasons to consider a move to Cedar City.  The scenery around here is outstanding and other than Interstate 15 on long weekends, we have virtually no traffic to speak of.  We also have little or no pollution to deal with.

We enjoy all 4 seasons of the year, which means snow in the winter and heat in the summer, and everything in between.  The good news is that we don’t get as hot as Saint George in the summer and when it does get real cold in the Winter, Saint George is only an hour away! 


Looking across the Cedar Valley from Cedar Mountain


Hot Air Balloons Cedar City


Lighthouse at the Providence Center Cedar City


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Tuesday’s Thought…Excellence…

Yesterday was Darcy and my anniversary, so I didn’t spend much time working.  Today it is back to work, I am a day behind it feels like, but we had a great time, so it was well worth playing catch up today.  I wanted to work this quote into a blog post for awhile now, it is from the Greek philosopher Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

This is so very true, when we achieve excellence it comes from doing the right things daily over and over again.  I am reminded of another quote that I have been liked for a long time. It comes from Voltaire:

“Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need.”

I agree whole heartedly with this quote as well, and let’s be honest, it is impossible to attain excellence in any way without a lot of hard work!  I also believe that if you’re working, you may as well be working towards achieving excellence! 

I hope that everyone has a great week! 



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