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Live Happy…Let Things Go….

The next trait in the list of traits of happy people is don’t sweat the small stuff.  I have really enjoyed thinking at writing about the list of the traits that happy people have.  This is really one of the most difficult for me to not do.  We are in an industry and most of us were raised with the axiom if you take care of the little things, the rest will take care of its self.  I don’t believe that this trait means that we shouldn’t continue taking care of the little things, those little things do add up and make the big things possible.

Rather, I believe that this trait is talking about the trivial things.  The things that we can’t control or fix.  Sometimes these “little things” are actually quite large.  We can’t control how or what another person thinks about us, we can make a good impression, we can do all the right things and may encounter someone who is having a bad day or whatever.  We can not control another’s thoughts nor actions, so why worry about.  I do believe it is ok to take stock of the encounter and if we need to, make changes.  What we shouldn’t do is dwell on these sort of things.

I believe that I just like everyone else in the World is going to make mistakes, it is human nature.  Mistakes are stepping stones, something to learn from improve upon, then move on.  We get ourselves in trouble when we dwell on them.  I don’t know how many times I have run across a former classmate, recognized them, then immediately thought of something that I may have said to them or done to them that they may have had reason to be offended over.  What I am finding out is that a lot of years have gone by (a lot more than I am going to admit to) and honestly, they either don’t remember what I have thought of, or it doesn’t matter!  Most of them are just happy to see me, they want to know what I am doing and what I have been up to.

I used the example of personal interaction with other people because it is so easy to illustrate and explain, but how often do we lay awake at night scrutinizing every detail of the past day?  If it is once, it is too many!  I know, I do it and I am sure that most people out there do the same. I am coming to realize that if I have done my best it doesn’t make it error free, but it was my best effort.  I should dwell upon the mistakes that I have made just long enough to find a correction that I can do to make it right and MOVE ON.  Losing sleep over something is just not worth it!  We are only capable of doing our best, very rarely will that mean perfection.

I love sports, yet I cringe when I hear an athlete, salesperson or anyone else exclaim that I am going to give it 110%.  Balderdash!  You can only give it at most 100%.  I am not saying that we always give the full 100%, and if we were honest, most of us could give a lot more of our effort.  The maximum that we can give is 100%.  It is okay, that is all that we can give, there is almost always room for us to improve, but I believe that we are much better served if we strive for excellence and not perfection!  Perfection is rarely attained, and almost always is a fleeting thing.  Excellence is something that is much more sustainable than perfection!

So, don’t worry, be happy and don’t sweat the small stuff!


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Some Thoughts on Active Rain….

A week ago Darcy and I attended Agent Reboot in Anaheim, California.  It was a great opportunity to learn how to better use the tools of technology to grow our business.  One of the main points that came out of it was that it was a good idea to post your blogs in several places, but you should have a main “hub” for those posts.  I have in the past attempted to do this but began thinking that it was a little too much work.

With the information from Agent Reboot, we have realized that the reason that we all blog is to increase our business by increasing our SEO.  We realized that we have not done a great job in building our web site SEO.  With that in mind, we have decided that we need to be doing a better job at using our web site as our blog hub.

I know that I have not been very active here on Active Rain for the past month or so, don’t get me wrong, I love Active Rain and will continue to add posts here.  I will admit that we are somewhat apprehensive of the recent purchase by Trulia.  I am not convinced that this is the best direction for either Market Leader or Active Rain.  I understand that is my opinion, and I am sorry if I offend, but I am choosing to be skeptical rather than toeing the company line.

I have respect and trust for the leadership of Active Rain.  The Conspiracy Theorist in me is just skeptical in nature.  I hope that I am wrong; I would hate to see this great resource changed in any way from what it has been!  I do enjoy the relationships and treasure them and the knowledge that I have gained from being a member here.

I do look forward to a long and continued relationship with our friends here at Active Rain!  I do hope that we continue to see in roll along unchanged in it’s form and purpose!


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Live Happy…Have Big Dreams…

The next trait of happy people on the list that I got in the neighborhood newsletter is that happy people have big dreams.  We have been told that we need to have big dreams to help us find the success that we seek.  I believe that there is more to it than that, it isn’t just about dreaming to find success, I believe that big dreams leads us to be more optimistic.  When we dream big we see possibilities where those who don’t dream big may see nothing at all.

I have been in trainings where the trainer explaining this concept wants us to dream all the details of the big dream, how it looks, feels and smells.  This puts realism into the big dreams, it fuels the desires that the big dreams spark.  I believe Thoreau said something like it is okay to build castle in the sky if you put the foundation on the ground.  I know that I probably butchered that, and should have taken the time to look up the quote.  The point is, dream big, then work hard to make those dreams come true!

There has been very few accomplishments of note that weren’t preceded by a big dream.  The old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day is true, but equally true is that it wasn’t built without a dream.  So be happy, have big dreams then make those dreams come true!  Even when they don’t come true, it’s okay, dream something else big and make it happen!


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Live a Happy Life..Problems are Challenges….

In this post I am continuing with my take on the list of traits that happy people have.  I got this list from a neighborhood newsletter.  There was no source of the list in the article.  I mention this in each post to show that the list isn’t something that I came up with.  I wish that I had!  Todays trait is to see problems as challenges.  This is not something that is new.  Many coaches and trainers have mentioned this trait in their services.  It seems like an easy thing to do, but in practice, probably not so!

To me, this is all about attitude.  When we look at problems as challenges we are excited to take on and solve these problems or challenges.  When we see them as problems, we do so with a defeated attitude.  It isn’t that we don’t realize that we need to solve the problem, rather we look at it as a road block.  Often we even develop a state of mind where we wonder what will go wrong next.  It gets us down, and affects our overall well state of mind.  I have seen and heard that we should not ask God not to put challenges in our way, rather we should pray for the ability to overcome them.

This is something that I do agree with.  We will never see any personal growth or progress if we have no problems or challenges.  Challenges or problems bring out the very best in people.  We have witnessed this lately in the horrific happenings of this past week, everyday people did heroic things.  This isn’t a once in a while thing, it is an every time thing that we witness.  Every person has the ability to overcome almost all of the problems and challenges in life.  There are a few that we can’t completely overcome, I am talking about things like death and taxes!

Seriously, we really need to change our attitude if we wish to attain happiness.  We don’t have the attitude where we feel like we’re being picked on, or singled out with the problems that arise.  It is really up to us, we can develope an attitude where we look at problems as opportunities for growth.  We really can choose to be happy.  We can be optimistic when facing problems!


Hogan Cabin, Woods Cross, Utah

Vehicle Advertising…Helping or Hurting Your Business???

As some of you know, we are currently in Anaheim.  We have attended the Inman News sponsored Agent Reboot session.  We chose to drive from Bountiful to Anaheim.  It works out the best for us and our dogs,.  It allows us to have someone watch the dogs who they are familiar with as we drop them off in Kanarraville in Southern Utah.  That isn’t the point of this post.

The point that I would like to make in this post is while driving we notice the driving skill or lack thereof of many drivers as we passed through parts of 4 States.  We noticed almost innumerable company vehicles along the way.  Some had simple door signs or decals, while others were elaborately decorated with decals and even vehicle wraps.  This is an effective way to advertise, we have in the past, had decals on our vehicles with our names and website information.  We would notice dramatic increases in the number of hits on our website when we would go on vacation.

What I would really like to discuss in this post is do we really help our business when we drive like maniacs in our company vehicles?  I can think of 3 companies minimum whose vehicles cut me and several other drivers off, flew past going well over 100 MPH or a combination of the above that I would not call if they were the only company to come up in a Google search.

I don’t know whether they will take time to stop and consider what our driving patterns do to help or hinder their brand.  I am sorry, if you wish to endanger my family’s lives (along with my own), with your aggressive driving, you have kissed my business good bye!  Not only that, I will make sure that should any one ask me about your company, I will not be giving you any favorable recommendation!

In today’s world of cell phones and constant and on going communication, if you’re going to be running late, you can call.  You don’t need to drive as though you are competing in Le Mans!  When you really think about it, you really can undo a lot of time and money that you have spent building your brand and reputation with just one trip down the road!  Whether you receive a ticket or not, that speed racer mentality driving can cost you a LOT of money!

I know that I like to drive a little above the speed limit on long trips, so I really have to watch myself.  I have noticed that I really do have a better trip when I relax and realize


Lightening McQueen

Live a Happy Life…Be Kind….

This is another in the list of traits of happy people that I found in a community newsletter.  Once again, I have no idea who to attribute this list to.  I would like to give the author credit, but I really do not know who it is that deserves the credit.  The second trait on the list is very important.  Treat everyone with kindness.  I have written something similar to this on a couple of occasions.  It really is that simple, be kind to everyone.

It isn’t really isn’t that difficult, we all love it when someone treats us with kindness, and we have been told over and over again that we should treat people the way that we would like to be treated.  I have also been told that you never know the power of a kind word or act in someone else’s life.  It does not cost us anything to be kind in fact; it rewards us to be kind.  Some will say that showing kindness is a sign of weakness; that is not true!  It takes much more strength to treat someone kindly than it does to do otherwise, especially those who are being difficult!

In our business treating others well will eventually reward us.  It is hard to fool people all the time so if you consistently treat others with kindness, people will recognize that.  Clients will refer people to their friends if you treat them well, other agents will like to work with you if you treat them well.  Most importantly, you will feel better about yourself and about life in general.  So go out and be kind to everyone that you meet. It will surprise you just how good it makes you feel and how happy those around you become!  Choose to be happy, and be kind to everyone!


Tow Mater

Training is Important…

One of the important things to look for when hiring a Realtor is their training.  Market trends, conditions and technology change very quickly.  It is very important to have a Realtor who takes the opportunity to get training and keeps up on new trends and ideas.  The C Team has spent the day doing just that.  We spent the day in Agent Reboot sponsored by Inman News.  We drove to Anaheim, California to attend this training.

We have seen technology changes and shifts in the past five years that we had never before seen in our industry.  My cell phone has more storage capacity and operational ability than the first desk top personal computer that I bought.  I remember when I bought that computer all those years ago being amazed at the things that it could do, and this was before Windows came along!

I shake my head at how much computers have changed and how our communication styles have changed.  There was no texting option with the first cell phone that I had, the cell phone was huge compared to my smart phone, and there was no camera, video nor Angry Birds available on that phone!

I can now carry my favorite books, music, access movies and TV shows, play games, take photos and video, email, browse the internet, chat, text and actually make phone calls with my smart phone.  In other words, things have changed!  It is important for your Realtor to keep up with these changes!

When you hire someone to help you buy or sell your home, make sure that you hire someone who is willing to invest in the training to stay current with changes and new technology.  The C Team has made the investment to keep up with the trends in technology.  It didn’t hurt that the pursuit of this training was held across the street from Disneyland!


Lightening McQueen

Bountiful Market Review For the Past 30 Days….

We next wish to show you what the Real Estate Market in Bountiful has been doing for the past 30 days.  We again are focusing on the sold statistics for single family residences. 

There have been 33 homes sell in Bountiful in the past 30 days.  The home that was the lowest priced home to sell sold for $120,000.  The home that was the highest price home to sell sold for $650,000.  The average sales price for home which sold in the past 30 days was $271,072. 

This shows that a lot of mid priced homes sold in the past 30 days.  How do we make that statement?  The highest priced home that sold was less than half of the highest priced home to sell in the past 90 days, yet the average sales price of homes which sold rose over $2,000, not a huge number, but significant in that it shows that the mid range home price point had a strong sales month.

Another significant decline in the median days that homes were on the market.  In the past 30 days that number is 29 days, compared to 34 days from the 90 day statistics. This means that homes are staying less time on the market prior to receiving an accepted contract.  These are some astounding numbers! 

Once again, as a buyer and a seller it shows that it is important to have a good Realtor working for you!  You need to have someone who is able to see the market trends and assist you in all of your Real Estate needs! 


Views from the East Bench in Bountiful, Utah

Bountiful Market Review for the Past 90 Days…..

Like we have done in the other cities which we have written real estate market reviews for, the purpose of these reviews are to allow people to see what is going on in the real estate market for in this case, Bountiful.  These reviews have only been prepared for single family homes, in this particular review we will focus on just the homes that have sold in the past 90 days.

There were 96 single family homes sell in Bountiful in the past 90 days.  The home that was the lowest priced home to sell, sold for $114,460.  The home that sold in the past 90 days with the highest price, sold for $1,459,000.  The average sales price for homes which sold in the past 90 days was $268,983.  Which shows that homes in the lower price range dominated the sales in the past 90 days.

The median days on market is also down to 34 days, down 3 days from the 1 year totals.  This still is an amazing number!  It really does show that there is really not a lot of time for indecision to purchase a home in the Bountiful city limits.  Another factor to consider when purchasing your home in Bountiful is realize that you may well find yourself in a multiple offer situation.

What that means is that because there are so many people looking to purchase a home with interest rates being so low, that a person selling a home may receive several offers to purchase that home on any given day.  These are the situations which can occur in a market where the average days on market are low.  Situations like this along with all of the other little things can that happen, are why it is so important to work with an experienced, competent Realtor!


Views from the Bountiful Bench

North Salt Lake Market Review for the Past 30 Days….

In the past 30 days there have been 25 homes sell.  The lowest price home sold for $120,000, the highest price home to sell was $1,025,000.  The average home price that sold was $290,160.  The median days on market was 9 days.

Home prices in markets with such a wide variety of home sizes and prices can skew the average sales price on homes.  It would take a lot of lower priced homes selling to offset the effect that the sale of a couple of million dollar homes would have on the average.  It is a great indicator just how strong the market is when homes are still selling above the million dollar range.

The real astounding number is the median days on market, homes are going under contract in just 9 days.  Homes just aren’t staying on the market, and this number includes a house that sold for over a million dollars.  Homes in that price range tend to stay on the market for many more days than home in the lower prices tend to.

This trend really illustrates the need to have a good Realtor working for you if you are looking to buy a home.  The homes in this market are going under contract very quickly, so you will need to act and do so quickly!  Sellers really need to have a good Realtor working for them as well.

Sellers will want to make sure that their home is priced correctly and is shown only to qualified and ready buyers.  Sellers don’t want have their home sit on the market, the perception will become that there is something wrong with their home.  Hiring a good Realtor is essential!


North Salt Lake City Hall, North Salt Lake, Utah