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Cedar City Festivals…Cedar City Livestock and Heritage Festival….

Yesterday morning there was a parade in Cedar City.  It is celebrating our livestock industry and that impact on our community heritage.  It is part of the Livestock and Heritage Festival.  There are other activities involved with the festivities, I am only writing about the parade from yesterday.

We were fortunate, the weather that promised rain, held until the parade was over to begin.  In fact, the sun was shining and it was a gorgeous late October morning.  Comfortable, without being too chilly.  The parade as the name implies, is a homage to days gone by and an industry that is still viable,  just not as prevalently as in days gone by.

Anyway, here are some photos from the parade:


Color Guard Approaches

Grand Marshall’s Entry

Horse Drawn Sheep Wagon

Some of the “Stars” of the Parade

Cool Restored Tractor

Modern Day Cattle or Sheep Drive


Our ERA Office Entry

It was a great morning, and these photos are just a sampling of all of the great things in the parade.


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