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Follow Up on a Friends Service Project………

Last May, I think that it was May 3rd, I wrote a blog post about a coworker and friend who was doing a service project to try to get a Grant to fund the purchase of several Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) units for our local schools and athletic facilities.  It is a great project!  Here is the culmination of her efforts on the Grant:


In listening to her as she talked about her research, I was surprised how many young people, teenagers and younger had died mainly because there were no AED’s close enough to shock their hearts and get it back in to a normal rhythm.  Many of these victims were children under 10.  I would have never known it was as common as it has been.

This Grant is enough for her to purchase 6 AED’s that she will put into our schools, and one for the Soccer and one for the Baseball complex.  I honestly hope that they are never used, but it will sure be nice if they are needed and readily available!  Great Job Karen!  No gift is greater than the gift of life! 

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