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One Thing……..

I know that it is an overly simplistic thing to some people to ask, but what is the one thing that you can do that would improve your business?  How about your home life?  I am talking about one thing that you are not currently doing, or that you are not currently doing well? 

How much would your business and personal life improve if you were to figure out one thing that you could do to improve each of them, then focus on doing that one thing each day?  I am not saying that you should stop doing everything else that you’re doing, I am saying findi that one thing that you could be doing, but for whatever reason aren’t, then doing it. 

We are all very busy, I get that.  For me, I could use my time more effectively, by that, I mean I could cut out somethings that really aren’t contributing to my growth and do things that are less pleasurable, but potentially more profitable. 

I really do believe that success in life and in business comes from doing the little things.  The devil is in the details, and so is success.  Is it balancing home life and business life?  Sometimes that one thing may mean stepping back and rebuilding relationships that have grown neglected thus causing your support system to become somewhat disfunctional.

For me, this really isn’t an easy question, I tend to be extremely overly critical with myself, which isn’t good.  So that may become the second thing that I need to do.  I do believe that if we consciously do something often enough it will become a habit.  Then the challenge becomes, what’s next?  Is one more thing that we could be doing?

So again, I ask, what is that one thing that you could do to improve?



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