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Social Networking…Do You Use it???

I know that we all use Social Networking for our business purposes.  We promote ourselves and our listings using Social Networking.  That is what Active Rain is all about, promoting ourselves and our product to a wide audience for a relatively inexpensive price. 

My question is, do you use Social Networking as the client?  We have, like most people, been tracking our expenses and cutting back as much as we possibly can.  That means that we haven’t really been in the market for much of anything over the past year or so.  On Facebook, I have several “friends” that I use to network, and while I look here first for referral partners, I use Facebook as a back up source.

Yesterday, we used a Facebook Friend, Rene Caro and his business Downey Quick Print for our next order of business cards, our large supply finally depleted to just a handfull of cards, it was time.  Rene had great prices!  Much better than any of the outlets that we have used in the past. 

We have not yet received our cards, as they were only ordered yesterday, but he has an online ordering system for most of your paper needs.  The Business Cards and Post Cards are really priced well.  Our Broker buys envelopes and letterhead, so I don’t even know what the cost is for them, but the prices on his web site seemed very reasonable to me.  Anyway, I will let you know next week about the cards.  In the meantime here is the link to his business if you wish to check it out:


Check it out, he may be able to save you some money!  Like I said, I will let you know how quickly the cards arrive and what I think of them when they get here!



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