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SUU is Hosting a Conference on Human Trafficking…..

Southern Utah University is hosting a 3 Day Conferences discussing Human Trafficking.  This is something that I knew existed, but quite honestly had no idea the scale to which it continues to exist.  In conjunction with the Conference which begins on Wednesday, Tuesday’s Convocation Series will feature Anuradha Koirala as its speaker.  She is CNN’s 2010 Hero of the year and founder of Maiti Nepal, which has rescued over 12,000 girls from being trafficked into the sex trade.

As despicable as the actions of this conferences theme, it is equally important!  This is the 21st century, and it is time that this stop!  One of the things that I read in the article announcing this conference is that this is actually a local issue, here in Utah, the Salt Lake City Police Department investigates 1 complaint a week, that right, a week!, of victims that have been involved in some sort of Human Trafficking!  The criminal statistic in the US state that over 100,000 people are victims of human trafficking each year, it is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises in the United States!

The Conference begins on Wednesday and will run through Friday.  It is primarily for students, but the public is invited to attend as well.  There will be a discount for residents of Iron County.  For more information: www.suu.edu/academics/studyabroad/conference.


Bell Tower at Southern Utah University

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