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Fun Times in Cedar City….

I only was able to sleep about 4 hours last night, so I am hitting that functioning wall.  You know, the wall where you’re not sure that you’re still functioning correctly!  So I am thankful for a couple of things, one that I am lacking and one that I am going to share.  I am thankful for naps, I am not ashamed to admit on occasion, I take a nap.  It is funny, when we’re children we hate the thought of them, when we’re adults, we think that they should be mandatory again!

The other is the title, our celebrity sighting here in Cedar City.  No, it isn’t any of the Tom’s, not Brad nor any of the “young” Hollywood.  It is in fact, one of America’s original glamour couples, if not the most enduring!  Here the stars are in a vintage Dodge car:

Mickey & Minnie

Mickey & Minnie

That’s Right Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  Stars just don’t get much bigger!

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