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Wednesday Thoughts….

I have spent the slow time for the past couple of days going through the sales data from our MLS.  I had broken itdown into quarters, but this time I went into each listing area (that we work) by month.  Our MLS only goes back to the end of March 2007, so it wasn’t as bad as it sounds.  I will be honest, it is a lot like really advanced Math for me, it has given me a headache, so in a day or two I will begin to sort out the data, make graphs and draw conclusions from what I have noticed and will glean from the data.

This all brings me to a quote that I read, it comes from Zig Ziglar:

“Life is like a cafeteria.  First you pay, and then you eat.”

I know that often I forget that in order to get what I want (to eat, or get paid), I need to put forth the effort or pay for it.  I am sure that many others find themselves in a situation like that themselves.  Sometimes the simple reminders help us keep going!


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