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Wednesday with some Words…….

I know that I, along with many others have blogged about keeping a good attitude in the face of what to most is a bad economy.  If we listen for the next 50 some odd days we’re going to continue to hear just how bad the economy is.  I came across this quote by one of my favorite sources of quotes, Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Here is the quote:

“To different minds, the same world is a hell, and a heaven.”

This is one of the great truths which seems to be lost on many of us.  It really depends on how we look at things!  I can tell the first 5 minutes after I wake up how my day will go,  Sometimes I wake up and everything is great, other times I am beginning to have a really bad day, that is, if I don’t check my attitude and put myself in a better frame of mind.

All of our thoughts determine our actions.  We may attempt to do the things that need to be done, but let’s be honest, you can always tell from the way that someone greets you with “hello”, what kind of day ther person is having.  So honestly, what are we telling our clients and others when we do things with a sour attitude?  We may be competent, but do they really wish to do business with us?  This is just some food for thought, I know it something that I need a reminder of from time to time.


Older photo of Zions National Park

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