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Build Your Dream Home

Buyers in South Davis County may have noticed slim pickings when it comes to houses to buy.  Our inventory is running low;   the houses that are listed for sale do not seem to last on the market very long.  Instead of becoming discouraged and pull yourself out of the market, why not build your dream home?   When I say your dream home, I literally mean your dream home.

Many builders will build you a “custom home”, they let you chose some of the finishes, carpet, cabinets and paint colors.  These are nice homes.  I am not trying to dissuade you from one of these fine choices.  I am really suggesting for you to build your custom home.  You actually design the home along with a designer.  We have recently become acquainted with the Design Loft in Centerville, I should say reacquainted with them.  I have actually known Scott for more years that I am willing to admit to.

The Design Loft will design the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom of your dreams, in fact, they will design the entire house of your dreams.  They will actually design the home for any lot that you pick out, the best place to locate and situate the house on the lot and things like that.

The lot that you pick out, well, that is where The C Team comes in.  We will help you find the lot and negotiate the sale of it.  The Design Loft will design the home of your dreams.  They can design homes in any price and size range, so it is a good deal for everyone.  Don’t worry if your neighbor is in construction, you can still use the builder of your choosing.

So, don’t let the lack of inventory get you down. There is still time to take advantage of the low interest rates!  So call us, we would love to hook you up with the home of your dreams!


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