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Why Choose the C Team?

We are often asked what sets us apart from the other Realtors in the area.  I will be honest; I have a hard time distinguishing myself from some of the other Realtors. I have a hard time talking myself up. That and there are some exceptional Realtors working in our market, they set a very high standard.  We strive to live up to that standard and go beyond it.  We believe that there are some differences to set us apart from the other Realtors.

Our main goal is to assist the client in finding a house they want.  We are patient; we have worked with buyers for over two years before they decided that building a home would be their best option to get what they wanted in their home.  We have connections to accelerate that process.  We are pleased to work with the Design Loft in Centerville, this allows us to have the client meet with designers to plan out the house of their dreams.

We recognize there are many Realtors who work with builders and can modify plans to better accommodate the needs and desires of their clients.  By working directly with the designers at the Design Loft, our clients will start with their needs and desires in their home.  The plans will not need to be changed to accommodate the needs of our clients.  These plans will be designed with those needs in mind!

This is a huge advantage to someone looking to build their dream home.  There is no going back and forth with the builder to change things.  The Design Loft will have the plans to your specifications for the builder to build!  What a great concept!, to be able to walk right in to the home of your dreams, not just the carpet, pain color and cabinets that you chose.  You would have the hallway, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry room that you wished to have.

To us, as Realtors, this is a tremendous advantage!  To have the option of turning our clients into homeowners of their own dream home!  Don’t get me wrong, we will be happy to assist anyone in buying an existing home, but having this option is a huge advantage for our clients!  Give us a call, we would love to earn your business!




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