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Live a Happy Life..Hold no Grudges….

I came across some helpful hints in a neighborhood newsletter that I thought that I would share and expand into a blog series.  There are 22 hints in all.  I may end up combining some hints so there may or may not be 22 blog posts associated with these hints.  The author of the list is un-credited in the newsletter, so I have no way of giving credit to whoever assembled this list.

The first trait of happy people is that they don’t hold grudges.  I have to admit it, I have a hard time with this, even if I do consider myself to be a happy person.  This is not an easy thing to get past, at least from my perspective.  When I think about, I know that each day that I wander through this life I most likely will rub someone the wrong way.  I do not set out to offend or annoy anyone, but I am sure that I am guilty of doing it anyway.  If I were wise enough to stop and think about the person who I am offended by, and place myself in their shoes, I would bet that a large majority of these people offended me unintentionally.

I believe that in today’s World, too often we are caught up in ourselves.  We tend to think that we’re entitled to something.  The reality is what we’re entitled to, is to live our lives to the best of our abilities.  The truly happy people realize that is what every other person in the World is also entitled to do as well.  I often look through the obituaries in the newspaper.  It is a sad fact, I am getting older and many of the neighbors that I grew up with are passing on.  I was startled when I saw a former classmate’s obituary in the paper.  It reminded me that life is too short, I need to get over myself and move one.

In order for me to truly move on, I need to let go of all past grudges and give those who have offended me the benefit of the doubt.  That way, my feelings are no longer hurt and I no longer am feeling the anger or pain associated with that slight!  At any rate, I do not believe that I should allow other people’s actions define my happiness!


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