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Living in South Davis County…Mass Transit…

After these late seasons snow storms that we experienced this past weekend caused numerous accidents, I began thinking about the benefit that we in South Davis County enjoy by having mass transit so readily available.  I will admit that I have lost faith in many of my fellow Utahn’s ability to drive in the snow and bad road conditions.  It just seems like every time it snows, we have dozens of accidents in our area.


The Front Runner Train

I got to thinking wouldn’t it be easier just to get on a bus, Traxx or the Front Runner train and ride to where ever it is that you need to go?  I did some research and honestly from the Bountiful area, you can ride the Front Runner to downtown Salt Lake round trip for about what it costs just to park your vehicle.  That is if you can find a place to park your vehicle.  It is a lot less stressful to ride than it is to drive as well.  I got on to the Utah Transit Authority web site, www.rideuta.com and found that it is very reasonable to ride the mass transit available.  You are able to ride the Front Runner train from Ogden to Provo right now, and there are plans to make that ride from Brigham City to Payson.


Woods Cross Station for Front Runner

There are monthly passes available to make your commute much more affordable.  I am only talking about the convenience to the riders, I haven’t even discussed the benefit to the earth.  Every Winter we complain about our air quality, if more of us were to ride mass transit, not only would we cut down on our stress, but we would be reducing our pollutants in our air quality by taking more vehicles off the road.  Mass transit isn’t going to work for every single person, but it could work out for a lot more of us!  The Front Runner Station nearest us is located at 750 South 800 West in Woods Cross.  Check out UTA’s web site for more information, schedules and fares.


Bicycle Lockers at the Woods Cross Front Runner Station

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