Woods Cross, Bountiful, West Bountiful and Surrounding Areas

Living in South Davis County…The City Bountiful….

This is the title of a history of the Bountiful, Utah area written by my 7th grade history teacher, Leslie Foy.  The City of Bountiful is the 2nd permanent settlement (by European settlers) in the state of Utah.  It is located approximately 5 miles north of Salt Lake City.  Bountiful is surrounded by the cities of North Salt Lake, Woods Cross, West Bountiful and Centerville.  When I was growing up it was the economic hub of South Davis County.

Bountiful is a city of nearly 44,000 residents, a beautiful recreation center, many wonderful parks and some beautiful scenery as it is nestled near and on the foothills of  the Wasatch Mountains.  There are many great shops and stores and a quaint, vibrant downtown.  It really does have something to offer nearly everyone.  There is a great transportation system that connects the Salt Lake Valley from Ogden to the North and Provo to the South.  Bountiful is just 10 minutes from Downtown Salt Lake City.

Real Estate in Bountiful provides an exciting opportunity for us.  The homes range from historic, Pioneer era homes to brand new construction and beautiful neighborhoods with lots of trees.  We are looking forward to the change!  I am also looking forward to beginning my series of reports of subdivisions in these wonderful communities.


Bountiful 400 North Park in Black and White

If you’re interested in a property in the South Davis County Real Estate Market, contact us.  Our email address is: info@thecteamrealestate.com or you can call 435-701-1812. If you want to search the listings in the South Davis County Real Estate Market here is our website:  www.TheCTeamRealEstate.com   One other thing we are taking listings now to get them on the market for the Winter and Spring Real Estate Market.  We would love to help you sell your house!

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  • Michael Day says:

    Tony, I would love to move back to the Davis County area, but it will be probably around 3 years before that is a possibility for us. If and when we do, I will most assuredly keep you in mind as our realtor.
    Mr. Foy was my 7th grade history teacher at South Davis Junior too. He was a fun teacher. I never knew he wrote a book on the history of Bountiful.

  • tcannon says:

    Mike, We would love to help you come back home! I used to think that I didn’t want to move back to the Bountiful area, but I believe it is one of the best things that I have done. My wife is enjoying living here as much as I am, or will once she becomes more familiar with where everything is.

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