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Living in South Davis County…Woods Cross….

I have been holding out on writing about Woods Cross, mainly because it is near and dear to my heart.  For the majority of my life, Woods Cross was home.  It has changed a lot since the days of my youth. The old elementary school was torn down and rebuilt in a new, more central location.  Now there is a Hampton Inn and a Motel 6 where the school stood.  Most of the farms are gone and new subdivisions have replaced them.


Hogan Cabin, Hogan Park, Woods Cross, Utah

Change is good, it isn’t as romantic as the way things used to be, but it is progress.  Woods Cross is located between Bountiful and the Great Salt Lake.  According to the sources I have found, Woods Cross was settled in 1865.  I disagree with that, there were settlers in the Woods Cross area as early as 1847.  There is the Hogan Cabin now located at Hogan Park that has a date of 1857.  The house I grew up in was built in 1866, growing up we were told that there had been homes in the area that were older than our home.

Woods Cross was incorporated into a city in 1935, it was named for Daniel C. Wood, an early pioneer to the area.  Many of the really old homes, like the one that I grew up in have been razed.  There are still a few Pioneer era homes, but most of the homes have been built since the mid 1950’s.  Like most of the other communities in South Davis County, Woods Cross has seen exponential growth in the past 20 years.  There are many subdivisions with many new homes.


Woods Cross City Hall, Woods Cross, Utah

The population in Woods Cross in the 2010 census was 9,761.  Woods Cross is centrally located, with easy commuter access to either Salt Lake or Ogden.  There is a Front Runner Station for commuters.  There is good access to both Interstate 15 and Legacy Highway to both Salt Lake and Ogden.  Woods Cross has an Elementary School and High School. (The kids attend Junior High in Bountiful.)There is a nice mix of businesses in Woods Cross.  From my experience, it was a great place to grow up!

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