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A Taste of India…Living in South Davis County….

In the past I have written about some of the fun places to eat or things to do in Southern Utah.  I thought that I would start that up again here in Northern Utah, specifically in South Davis County.  A couple of weeks ago Darcy and I had the opportunity to eat at a local restaurant chain, A Taste of India.  I or rather we, try to limit these types of posts to small restaurants or local chains that aren’t familiar to everyone.  One of the reasons for theses posts, is to show people who are looking to relocate to South Davis County, just what this wonderful community has to offer.  To begin this post,  I will admit I know next to nothing about Indian cuisine.  I have heard of chicken curry, so I went with that.  Darcy went with chicken coconut korma.  I went with the medium spice, and boy was I glad that I didn’t go for the really spicy one!  The food was unbelievable!

You have the option of mild, medium or spicy.  I like spicy food, especially when it comes to things like Mexican food.  I mentioned earlier that I am really glad that I only went with the medium spice!  The chicken coconut korma was also delicious, the food is served family style, so Darcy and I were able to eat some of both dishes, the rice which came with the food was also very good and plentiful.  The Naan was out of this world, if I would have known how good it was going in, I would have just filled up on that.  I say that meaning no disrespect to the other dishes, they were excellent, the naan was just that good!

We were able to eat to our fill, and still had enough leftovers for both of us to eat lunch a day or so later.  The atmosphere was great, and the wait staff was very helpful in offering suggestions.  It is a place that I would gladly recommend if you are in the area.

To see what dishes they offer and all location sites, here is their web site: http://www.tasteofindiautah.com

Have a great time if you go!!


The front of the Taste of India Restaurant in West Bountiful, Utah

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