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Another Way that The C Team Helps Their Clients….

In the past few posts I have discussed some of the advantages The C Team has for our clients.  While it is true, we view the options we offer as advantageous for our clients, we also have some other gadgets or features to offer our clients.  We understand that not everyone wants to build their dream home.  Many buyers are just looking for an existing home to purchase.

The C Team has teamed with Republic Mortgage to offer our clients the Free Home Scouting Report.   This is a personal search that site we set up for each of our clients.  This site will allow our clients to conduct their own home search in the internet.  Statistics prove that over 90% of homebuyers begin their search for homes on the internet.  That is a great place to begin searching and there are several options for buyers to search.

These are great options, but like everything in life; it is only as good as the information these websites have.  The problem with some of these search sites is often their information is outdated.  This is especially true in our market or any other market where inventory is low and demand is high.  The Free Home Scouting Report is updated daily, so the information is as accurate is the information that we Realtors use.  In fact, The Free Scouting Home Scouting Report draws its information from our Multiple Listing Service.

This is a free service we offer to our clients; and well, everyone that thinks that it would be useful for them.  The thing is, even if you are only dreaming about buying a house, getting into a different home, downsizing or whatever your situation is, contact us.  We can set up your own search site, even if you are still in the dreaming state.

This can be the best option to help you find your dream home.  There is no obligation, and it is private, all we need is to have you contact us.  We would love to assist you in your search!


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