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Cedar City Localism Post…Alert Mudslide Closes State Route 14…

Just an alert for those travelling in the Cedar City area, especially those looking to go to Duck Creek or Mammoth Creek, State Route 14 is closed for many weeks due to a massive mudslide that actually took out sections of the road.  I have NOT been up there to take my own pictures so I am not going to post any of the actual mudslide, but be aware that if you are wanting to go East from Cedar City you will need to make a detour.

The good news from all of this is that no one was injured (that anyone knows of), but the bad news is because sections of the road also slide down the mountain, the road could be closed for MONTHS not weeks.  The other good news is that businesses like Milts Stage Stop and Rusty’s are not effected and are still open for business.

In the past it has been a matter of cleaning the mud and rocks from the road, this time it going to take that and re cutting a road up the Mountain.  This doesn’t mean that you can not get to the Mountain areas like Duck Creek from Cedar City, it just means that you’re going to have to detour to do so.

The safest, most reliable routes are going through from Interstate 15 through Hurricane off of Exit 16 then going North on Hwy 89 from Kanab to Hwy(State Route) 14 at Todd’s Junction.  You can also take the Scenic Route and go through Zion National Park on Hwy 9, but there is a charge to enter the Park.  The other safe route is to continue on Interstate 15 to Exit 95 and Hwy 20 and go to Hwy 89 then go South to Todd’s Junction and West into Duck Creek.

There is also Hwy 143 through Parowan to Brian Head, from there you can go through Hwy 148 through Cedar Breaks National Monument, a fee may also apply there and I have not heard if there are plans to keep that road open during the Winter, it usually is not plowed during Winter months and closes.  You can also continue on the Mammoth Creek Road and go from there to Hwy 14.  These roads are high on the mountain and subject to extreme Winter conditions including drifting and blowing snow.  The Road Department does a great job in keeping them open, but there are times that Mother Nature wins for a few days. So they will be closed for a few days.

Anyway, this is stuff that travellers need to know!


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