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Cedar City Localism Post…Chili’s….

The real purpose of this series of blogs is for me to show those considering visiting or moving here what we have to offer in the way of ammenities, by ammenities, I mean restaurants, shopping, lodging, history, and activities.  I post about a restaurant like Chili’s, not because I believe that the Chili’s in Cedar City is completely different than a Chili’s anywhere else in the country.  I post about it because I want everyone to know that it is here.

Chili’s is a very popular chain restaurant, and ours is no different.  The only thing that makes our Chili’s unique is that it is currently the only Chili’s restaurant in Cedar City, that’s it.  If you’re thinking of coming here to ski, or later in the year to the Shakespeare Festival, you will know that you can have another restaurant that is familiar to you. 

If you’re planning on moving here, again, here is something that is familiar.  That is the purpose for writing posts about chain stores and restaurants.  I try to highlight the local ones as well, but I do believe that it is important that everyone be aware that we have a lot of the familiar restaurants.

Chili’s is located at 1237 South Sage Drive, near the Walmart.  The phone number is (435) 586-9700



Chili’s Restaurant.

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