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Cedar City Localism Post….DMV…

Whether or not you like Jon Huntsman as a Presidential Candidate, he did some really nice things when he was the Governor of Utah.  One of which was to put as many services as possible online, including vehicle registration.  I know that I am probably the only person in the World that HATES to stand in line at the DMV waiting for the one clerk woking there to process the other dozen people in front of you in the line.

I love that I can go online register my vehicle and print off a temporary registration complete with the temporary license plate that you can put in your window until the new decal arrives in the mail for your permanent license plate.  This isn’t an issue if you register your car at least 15 days prior to the license plate expiring, but we have an old GMC Yukon that needed a new exhaust system and CV boot on the axle, so we waited until we had a several commission checks to get the repairs done and get the Yukon a safety inspection. 

The required inspections to license your vehicle in Utah are input directly by the shop doing them, so that once you pull your vehicle up online, all you have to do is use the secure method of payment and print off the temporary registration.  It sure beats standing in line!!!! It literally took less than 5 minutes from the time I left the shop with the safety inspection to have a temporary registration printed out!  I am really going to miss standing in line at the DMV….NOT!!!



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