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Cedar City Localism Post…Mi Pueblo….

I have mentioned before that we have a lot of restaurants here in Cedar City, we have a tourism based economy, hence the number of restaurants.  Mi Pueblo is a Mexican restaurant that I will be honest, Darcy and I have eaten at one time only.  The food was very good, but you lock into your favorites and as long as the food is of similar quality, you tend to go to your favorite.

This is not a knock on Mi Pueblo, we will go back, and probably often.  One of my friends, who’s opinion that I highly value, said flat out that this is his favorite Mexican Restaurant in all of Southern Utah.  I remember the food being very tasty from our visit and the service being above what I expected as well.  Come to think of it, I am now wondering why we haven’t eaten there more frequently!

Take my and my good friends advice, give it a try, we are both sure that you will like it! 

Mi Pueblo is located at 755 South Main Street, Cedar City.  The Phone Number is (435) 867-8898



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