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Cedar City Localism Post…More from the Business Expo….

One of the fun things about the Cedar City Business Expo that we took part in was talking to other business owners here in Cedar City.  One of the businesses, Healthy Simple Life Nutrition, hosts an 8 week weight loss challenge which includes free nutrition classes and personal coaching.  I spent a few minutes talking to them, they had a photo board of local residents who have had dramatic weight losses over time.

It was quite informative and really eye opening to see the success that their clients or students were having.  They have a web site: http://ironcountyweightlosschallenge.com

This is the importance of having business shows like this, I would have never gotten to know about this company, nor gotten to know it’s owners without the conference.  That may be a little dramatic, it is possible in time that I would have checked out their business or their web site, this just made it easier!  There were several other great businesses that we connected with during the Expo, and made some potential Real Estate contacts as well.

I would recommend, if you have the time to participate in an Expo like this with a booth to do so, if not, it is still a good thing to go and spend an hour or two just meeting other business owners to network.  Even something as simple as just handing out your business card and saying after, listening to them talk about their business, I am in the Real Estate business, if you or someone that you know is looking to buy a house, give me a call.  You never know, it could generate several solid leads.  If nothing else, you are getting your name out there, more importantly you are making a good human contact.

Another thing that that I realized by attending the Business Expo here in Cedar City, we have some great people that own businesses here in Cedar City!  I hope that they all succeed in their endevours! 


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If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Cedar City, Utah; please give us a call.  We would love to earn your business!

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