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Cedar City Localism Post…Paiute Tribal Spirit Run…

Today in Cedar City we have the unique opportunity to participate in a celebration of one of our Native Peoples.  The Paiute Spirit Run is a celebration of the Spirit .  There will be tribal singing, dancing and a meal served as part of the celebration.

The Paiute Tribe is asking anyone who is interested to come and join them.  There are approximately 30 young runners participating in this year’s run.  These runners fast before and during the run and at the end of the run they present the staff of the Paiute Nation during the event that everyone is invited to.

If this is something that interests you, then please come.  This is a great event as these runners celebrate their culture and beliefs!  It is a great source of pride for these runners.  The ceremony is at 6 PM this evening at the Paiute Children’s Park, 440 North Paiute Drive, Cedar City


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