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Cedar City Localism Post…Summer Solstice Observance…

The Petroglyphs at the Parowan Gap have always been an enigma of sorts. They don’t resemble any of the other petroglyphs of the Native Inhabitants of the period that they are believed to be from.  Some of the petroglyphs look like strange Space Creatures.


Some of the petroglyphs that appear to be from Space on the right side of the panel.  The antenae and the seeming orbiting planets

The prevailing current theory on the Petroglyphs is that this may have been an ancient observatory, a planetarium so to speak.


More Circular Glyphs on the rocks. 


More of the odd shaped petroglyphs

These glyphs some have speculated the that lines in the question mark looking glyph may indicate the days of the season, when to plant or harvest.  There have been several piles of rocks found at various points East of actual petroglyphs.  The cliff face opposite of the petroglyphs has a crack in it, and from the East side it actually looks like a face.


The crack in the cliff face in the center of a the picture looks like a mouth, and I have been told that depending on which pile of rocks you choose, on the solstice the setting sun shines directly through the “mouth” of the face.

The ceremony will take place today at 7 PM at the Parowan Gap.  Is it how it was designed?  I don’t know, but it makes for an interesting interpretation!

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