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Cedar City is Getting a Winery!!!

The Cedar City Council Approved the application that allows for a winery and a boutique winery.  This is good news for our tourism industry, which is huge to our local economy.  Doug McCombs will be building the winery which will import grapes to be made into wine.  This really is great news for the community!  I mean really, what a great addition to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Neil Simon Festival and the other things that draw tourists to this beautiful area!

This is also somewhat of a rarity in Utah.  There are not many wineries in the entire State of Utah.  That State of Utah controls all liquor sales in the state of Utah, which has not been conducive to having a lot of businesses like this.  I can only think of 3 other locations of wineries in Utah, Salt Lake, Ogden Canyon and Moab.  So this is exciting to our economic outlook!

We do enjoy being the Gateway to Utah’s National Parks, and this will only enhance the experience for people who are planning to travel to this beautiful area of the country.  I will keep you updated with location and opening events and schedules!


Cedar City Hall

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