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Using Common Sense…..

I want to start out by saying that I love fireworks!  I love the huge displays that are put on in celebration of major Holidays and events!  I love setting off the personal fireworks, and always have.  This year in the State of Utah, I hope that the Governor will issue a State of Emergency and ban fireworks!

Our hearts are wrenched and our prayers continue for our friends in Colorado!  We still are thinking about our friends in New Mexico as they deal with the onslaught of devastating wildfires.  My sister in law is from Colorado Springs, she still has family and many friends there.  I am deeply saddened by the devastation by fire.  It has been probably 20 years since I was last in that beautiful city, it amazes me the destructive power that fire has.

We are experiencing a fast moving wildfire in our community, it is very small in comparison to some of the other fires.  The news is confirming that 8 structures have been burned.  They haven’t said how many of those structures are houses or whether they are counting out buildings in that number.  As much as the news horrifies our thoughts and feelings about fires in other places, when it hits close to home, it really sinks in!

With tinder dry vegetation in our forests and fields, I hope against hope that the Governor will ban all fireworks in the State of Utah!  I don’t believe anyone wants to celebrate our Independence at the cost of a large scale fire.  I don’t believe that feeling is unpatriotic, in fact, I believe just the opposite!  We have pretty much legislated common sense into extinction, but it is time for common sense to prevail.  Don’t be the person responsible for displacing a family in the name of celebration!


Cedar Breaks National Monument

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