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Disaster Preparedness….Are You Ready??

This year we have seen many devastating events across the Country.  Yesterday I went to class that talked about Emergency Preparedness, I know one thing, I hope that a disaster doesn’t strike us here any time soon, I have some work to do!  Some disasters you may be able to have a few minutes or even a few days warning (storm related disasters), others, you have no warning.

One of the things that the instructor taught the class is that the majority of the relief and aide that victims initially recieve in a disaster comes from their neighbors, whether it’s coming to make sure that everyone is ok, or to assist you getting out of houses that has been destroyed.  In fact, the majority of the work that will be done to assist you will come from not from government help, but caring people, whether they are your friends and neighbors, volunteer and church groups or what ever.

The instructor brought up some good ideas, mainly the need to have at the very least a 72 hour supply of water on hand for each member of your family.  It is also a good idea to have food and other supplies for a minimum of 72 hours, but a week is much better.  Another thing to think about with those kits are any medicine that you may need and don’t forget your pets, they too are going to need food.

He suggested not to rush out and buy everything at once, but maybe add a couple of gallons of water in the milk sized bottles water.  Once you have enough water move on to things like canned food, candles, extra blankets and matches.  Also make sure that if you have canned food that you have a manually operated can opener, you may not have electricity.  Try to find a place that you can store all of these in an easily accessable place.

One of the other keys he mentioned was to have your children understand the escape routes from your home in case there is a fire, with that have a meeting place to rendezvous. 

All of this isn’t going to lessen the impact of a disaster, all it will do is help you in the wake of it.  I know that I have much work to do to get our 72 hour kits put together, as well as the rest of it! 


The picture has nothing to do with the topic of the blog, but the topic was a little gloomy so I wanted to share something that I think is beautiful with it.

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