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Earthquakes And Real Estate…Make a Plan Part 1

I may have placed the cart before the horse again in this series of post that I am doing on living in an Earthquake Zone.  It is a good thing to have a plan.  Here is the first parts of the parts beginning with how to react during earthquake.

For those old enough to remember the “Stop, Drop and Cover” drills that used to take place in schools as we in the depths of the Cold War.  This is another instance where that is used.  When you feel the trembling, you should get down near the ground, preferably under something very sturdy.

That is also one of the first things that you should think about teaching your loved ones.  Make sure that everyone you care about understands that this is only in case of an earthquake, and earthquakes aren’t an everyday occurrence.  Make a game out of it with your children.

Another thing you can do is locate areas within rooms where you spend a lot of time, the home, the office or wherever, that are safer than others.  Do this for each space in your house and office.  These are areas should have no tall furniture to tip over and where you think that you should be safe.  Under tables and desks are good places to wait until the shaking stops.

Nowadays they are saying to stay inside during the shaking unless it is unsafe to do so.  They used to say to run out into open areas.  Now the experts are say to wait until the shaking has stopped to venture out of whatever building you may be in.

Keep a pair of shoes and a working flashlight near every bed in the house.  When it is time to leave, there could be a lot of debris on the floor.  You will really appreciate having a pair of shoes that you can find.

Another good idea is to have emergency whistles where everyone can find them.  This is a good way to locate everyone after the shaking has stopped.  It is also a good way to let rescuers know if you are trapped.

Create a meet up place.  By that I mean find a spot in an open area, one free overhead power lines where everyone is trained to go after the shaking is stopped.

Designate an out of the area (preferably out of State) person that you will call to let them know that you’re safe.  The reason for an out of state person is that there may be a capability to call out right after the earthquake.  Once the news of the Earthquake hits the media, all phone lines will be jammed with people calling in to make sure that everyone is all right.

Make sure that everyone in the household has a list of emergency contacts.  You may be one of the casualties, so make sure that everyone knows who to contact.  This will also be helpful if you get separated in some way.

Make sure that copies of all of your important documents are stored in a safe place.  A small safe is an example.  Place it in a secure place.  This should include all insurance documents financial records and any other important documents that you may need.


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